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What is Power Query ?

A-Badde | April 02, 20

Power Query is the Microsoft Data Connectivity and Data Preparation technology that enables end users to seamlessly i...

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The DAX language

A-Badde | April 03, 20

The Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language is used to build formulas and expressions in several Microsoft Products....

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Power BI

D-Katy | April 04, 20

Power BI is a Business Intelligence solution developed by Microsoft that allows to visualize, analyze and share insig...

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Power BI Desktop

D-Katy | April 04, 20

Power BI Desktop is a free application that lets you connect to multiple data sources, create a data model and then b...

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DAX Language - FILTER Function

A-Badde | April 04, 20

The Filter function is used to return a subset table of an expression or a table.The FILTER function is generall...

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DAX Language – SUM and SUMX Functions

A-Badde | April 05, 20

The SUM and SUMX functions are used to calculate the sum of a column or an expression. The function takes as its...

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Transpose Data in Power BI

A-Badde | April 06, 20

The Transpose feature in Power BI switchs data from columns to rows, or vice versa. If you have a query with data in ...

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A-Badde | April 06, 20

RELATED and RELATEDTABLE return a related value from another table or evaluate a table expression in a context modifi...

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