DAX Language - CONTAINS Function

A-Badde | Posted on May 09, 20



CONTAINS function checks if there exists at least one row where all columns have specified values.

 Return Value:

CONTAINS returns a boolean value, TRUE if each specified value can be found in the corresponding columnName, or are contained, in those columns; otherwise, it returns FALSE.


CONTAINS(<Table>,<ColumnName>,<Value> [,<ColumnName>,<Value> [, … ] ])
  • Description of the parameters:




DAX expression that returns a table of data to test


Name of an existing column in the input table or in a related table.


DAX expression that returns a single scalar value to look for in the column



An example of the CONTAINS function is to check for the resistance of a value in a column.

So, let's create a measure that checks if the 'ProductSubCategory' column contains the value "Speakers". To do this, we will use the following formula

CONTAINSMeasure = 

 Note that:

  • columnName must belong to the specified table, or to a table that is related to table.
  • The arguments columnName and value must come in pairs; otherwise an error is returned.


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