DAX Language - FILTER Function

A-Badde | Posted on April 04, 20

FILTER Function


The Filter function is used to return a subset table of an expression or a table.

 Return Value:

Filter returns a table containing only the filtered rows.


FILTER( <Table> , <FilterExpression> )
  • Description of the parameters:




Table or expression table to be filtered.


A boolean expression that is to be evaluated for each row of the table.


  In our data model, we have a Product table which contains the unit price of each product, we want to add a new Product table where the unit price of products is greater than $1000.

  To add the new table, we will use the formula below:

New_Product = FILTER('Product', 'Product'[UnitPrice] > 1000)


Note that FILTER function is generally used as a function that is embedded in other functions that require a table as an argument.


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